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Grow Up

GrowUp is a nationwide chain of co-working spaces. This is a flexible workspace, a so-called collective office, where a web developer, a designer, an architect and an English tutor can all sit together at the same table.

The first co-working of the brand was opened in St. Petersburg in 2017, then one opened in Kazan (in collaboration with Sber), and within a few years four more facilities started operating in Moscow. This accounts for almost 12,700 sq. m and 2,400 jobs in total.
In 2021, a new co-working area of 500 sq. m was launched as part of the You&Co Dubai project, and in 2022, a 400 sq. m GrowUp opened in the first building of the Digital Village.

Ready-to-use offices with all the necessary infrastructure, where the visitor pays for having a comfortable workplace instead of mere square metres. The format is popular with investors: co-working is an innovative approach to office space management, a full-fledged ecosystem for residents, an ideal environment for growing any business and, of course, a prospect of new opportunities for partners.
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