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Kaizen is a digital and IT solution, an innovative product that is being developed on the basis of its own Miran data center. It allows to optimize business processes and improve the efficiency of real estate operation. It is compatible with any BIM models, available on iOS, Android and as a web version.

The main value of Kaizen is eliminating losses related to three major risk factors: non-compliance with the service regulations, the human factor (the probability of human error when performing tasks), and fraudulent conduct of employees. The solution is suitable for various real estate objects — from small warehouses and office premises to large-scale residential complexes and projects built using the city-within-a-city concept.

According to the data from the implemented projects, Kaizen increases the productivity of employees at the facility by up to 30%, reduces the task allocation time by 90% and the number of calls to the support team by up to 80%, while doubling the number of tasks carried out on time.
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