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Facility management & Property management

Becar World, being part of the Becar Asset Management ecosystem, helps clients solve any tasks in the real estate sector, including managing and operating commercial projects.

The company is certified according to the ISO-9001:2011 standard. It employs experts in the field of managing shopping centers, business centers and apartment hotels. The team relies on international experience and European quality standards, providing a full range of services on its own, which cover analytics, brokerage, management and operations.

Becar World guarantees the quality and efficiency of the works performed: a high level of service, cost optimization and a high responsiveness. Help Desk and checklists make it possible to interact with the client in a single window mode, while innovative solutions with the use of advanced software products, such as 1C:Rent management, Kaizen, add to the efficiency.

In 2018, the company was accredited by the largest international hotel operators.
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